With a wave of my hand…POOF…another FREE promotion appears!

Hi Folks!

It’s May now and up here in Canada the weather is still cold and rainy. Hopefully the real spring shows up in a hurry, but in the meantime I wanted to let everyone know that I will be giving away another novel absolutely FREE!

Starting this Thursday, May 16th until Sunday May 19th, the ebook version of my full length novel STRANGE MAGIC will be available for FREE over on Amazon.com. I’ve had surprisingly great luck with giving my books away for free so I’ll continue to do it from time to time. I will say now though that this will be the last one for the next while as I’ve got some brand new novellas and the final short story collection that will be coming out soon. If by chance you know anyone that you could recommend this book to, feel free! The more the merrier, I say.

StrangeMagicStrange Magic is a book I like a lot. I’ve always been a fan of magic and I’ve wanted to write about magicians ever since I first began telling stories back in the stone age of my youth. It’s the story of Wilson Kemp, a man who’s living a lie in the fictional town of Billington, Pennsylvania. He’s a man of many talents and even more secrets but I’ve already written about the plot and how I came up with the idea for this novel in another post on this site (check it out if you haven’t already) so I won’t rehash all that again. What I will say is that I take a lot of pride in my plotting and in creating suspenseful fiction and this novel is the book I think I’m happiest with plot-wise and suspense-wise. I still love the way the second half of this novel comes together and the shocks I have in store for all you horror hounds. Here’s hoping you like it as much as I do. There’s even an original, unpublished short story added into the back of the book as a bonus. It’s called EVERY MAGICIAN HAS TO START SOMEWHERE and I think you’ll find it’s a nasty little story well worth reading.

Come Thursday, pick up a copy over on Amazon and please let your friends, families, neighbors, workmates, and mortal enemies know about this promotion. All I ask is you try to write me a review on Amazon or Goodreads and/or consider picking up some other book of mine to help me pay the bills. Thanks again for all your support and encouragement over the years. You know it means the world to me!



9 thoughts on “With a wave of my hand…POOF…another FREE promotion appears!

  1. I splurged on the s/l version, and HIGHLY recommend everyone to take advantage of this offer!!

  2. Went to check it out, sure that I had missed out on this one, but when I went to amazon…low and behold, I’d already purchased it. :)

  3. Recently picked up the paperback of THE DARK SIDE OF HEAVEN, and am debating between kindle version and paperback of PEELER……

  4. Thanks a lot, Sharon.

    You too, Kimberly. Hope you like DARK SIDE! It’s a tad closer to dark fantasy than some of my work but I really like it.

    Either version of Peeler works for me. Make sure you read Strange Magic first though, as there is a spoiler in Peeler about SM.

    • Just purchased the paperback version from Amazon–even with the new kindle PW, I still love the old-school books!

  5. I hear you there, Kimberly. I’m thrilled so many people like the ebooks and are buying my books in that format but I’m still an old school paperback reader myself.

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