ENEMY ONE: Anniversary Special

Hi gang. My publisher, EnemyOne, is celebrating their anniversary with a cool promotion. I grabbed this from their newsletter this morning, so If you’d like a free copy of one of my books, read on and see what Adam has in mind…

It’s almost September which means that EnemyOne is officially one year older. Man, time is just flyin’ by.

Anyway, we wanted to do somethin’ special to celebrate but we weren’t quite sure what so we’ve come up with somethin’ super easy that I think anyone will enjoy.

We’re going to give you a FREE ebook of your choosing! Sound good?

E1 logo_72

All we’re asking for in return is for you to put up a review on Amazon of a book of ours that you’ve read that you haven’t previously already reviewed. *

It can be any title BUT Gord Rollo’s Jigsaw Man as that title already has a staggering 105 reviews! It certainly doesn’t need any help. 😉

Here are some handy links to all of our available titles:

Gord Rollo
Strange Magic
Valley of the Scarecrow
Crowley’s Window
The Dark Side of Heaven
Gods & Monsters
Time & Space

James Rollo
Sons of Thunder
The Franciscan

Please act fast as this deal is only good until Sept 15th, 2013.

Once you’ve uploaded a review, send us an email to info@enemyone.com or reply back to this one listing your review on Amazon and which ebook of ours you’d like to receive in return. It’s that easy! All I ask is that you please allow me some time to send them out as I am only one man! 😉

Thank you all for the wonderful support!


PS: I will send both file types — mobi and epub. You can then load up whichever you need for your device.

PPS: We’ve got some more great titles coming to you soon! I know it’s been a while but this Fall is looking good. Keep an eye out for some new authors joining us as well in the New Year.

*The special runs until Sept. 15th, 2013. Review must be posted before the end date in order to be eligible. It can be on any of Amazon’s sites which means: .ca, .com, .co.uk, .de, etc

6 thoughts on “ENEMY ONE: Anniversary Special

  1. You certainly can, Suzanne. Just send a quick email to my publisher here: info@enemyone and let Adam know which book you reviewed and which book you’d like sent to you. He’ll take care of you. And thanks again for the review. I really appreciate the help and the support. Cheers!


  2. I just left mine, also on The Valley of The Scarecrow!! I think I would like to try Peeler!! Thank you!!!

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